Taylor to be on The Jay Leno Show with a new clip from New Moon


According to an article on Access Hollywood Taylor Lautner will be on The Jay Leno Show Monday night.

He is gonna be bringing a new clip from New Moon with him!!!

The clip will feature Jacob and Bella. Hopefully he is shirtless in it, hehe!!!

So set your DVR’s ladies and gents!!!

Only five days left till New Moon!!!!

Thansk Alice!!!

New Clip – Volturi Fight Scene

A new clip of New Moon is on Yahoo. It’s the rest of the clip of the Volturi fight scene that we saw a peek at from Access Hollywood.

The Volturi Vamps are wicked awesome!!! Aro is great, “What do we do with you now?” He sounds like Jim Carey from How the Grinch Stole Christmas LOL!!!

Fan Reactions to the New Moon Clip

MTV has an article on fan reactions to the New Moon clip where Bella slaps Paul. Read the entire article here.

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Better Version of New Moon Scene where Bella Slaps Paul

Clevver TV posted a HD version of the clip from New Moon where Bella slaps Paul.

Thanks Harmony!!!

New Clip from New Moon

Access Hollywood just sent us an email with some great news. A new clip from New Moon will be shown Thursday night on Access Hollywood and live on their site on Friday. The clip is of of Edward Cullen fighting to save Bella from the Volturi vampires. Below is a 10 second preview of the clip!!!

Man this movie has another month, exactly from today, before it comes out. We keep getting all these awesome clips we are gonna have the whole movie watched before it hits theaters LOL!!! Not that I’m complaining. This movie just looks awesome!! I think it is defiantly going be like 10 times better than Twilight. The Wolf pack, the Volturi, AAAHHHH !!!!!! Can’t Wait!!!