Jackson talks New Moon


MTV caught up with Jackson Rathbone on the set of his new movie Girlfriend. He talked all about New Moon.

Read the entire interview here.

Here is an excerpt:

Rathbone said he will only be in two scenes in the film. The first, as seen in the original trailer, involves him attacking Bella at her birthday party when she gets a paper cut. The second, he said, centers on a family vote to decide whether Bella gets turned into a vampire or not.

Here’s the Exclusive New Moon Clip From Entertainment Tonight


Radar Online has the clip on their site in perfect Quality.

View it here.

The clip is now available for download at iTunes.


Thanks to everyone who sent links!

Look inside the Volturi Lair


The Official New Moon Movie Site now has a tour of the Volturi Lair. Just like the Cullen House and La Push you can get a 360 degree look of the Volturi Lair. Very Cool!! I got the above image from Twifans. It was two images then I put them together to show the whole room. For bigger versions of the pics, to see all the great details go here.

I have also added Volturi Graphics to the New Moon Graphics Section under Character Graphics. Get character bio graphics for Jane, Alec, Aro, Marcus and Caius.

Eclipse Movie and Twilight Pictures

Eclipse Movie and Twilight Pictures

Free New Moon Soundtrack Song Remix from Fandango

Fandango has a new promotion where you get a free New Moon soundtrack song remix with purchase of advance tickets to New Moon. You can get the Satellite Heart Air Mail remix by Anya Marina from iTunes. Check out all the details here.


Some info for New Zealand Fans


One of our readers, Roxi from New Zealand, emailed me some info.

First off she wanted to give New Zealand fans a heads up that Berkeley Cinemas is going to start pre-selling tickets to New Moon on October 8th. The theater is also having this special offer:

For all advance tickets purchased at the cinema between Thursday October 8 and Sunday October 11 you will receive:

-Your Ticket(s) to the film
-A Team Edward or Team Jacob Exclusive Lanyard (You Decide)
-A Complimentary Classic Bottled Pepsi to enjoy with the film.

– Be in the draw to WIN an exclusive Team Edward or Team Jacob FRAMED POSTER. (A total of eight to give away)!

More info at Berkeley Cinemas.

Hoyts Cinema will be pre-selling the tickets too on October 8th.


She also sent information on the New Zealand Armageddon Expo she is attending on October 25th. Bronson Pelletier will be attending the event.

For more information on the expo check out their site.

Clevver TV Video: Twilight: New Moon Tickets Selling Out and Bella’s dresses

One of our readers, Amanda, sent us a link to this new Clevver TV Video which talks about New Moon tickets selling out and where you can buy Bella’s Prom dress and birthday dress.

Thanks Amanda!

The next two films coincide with their names


The Twilight Examiner has an interesting article up talking about how the New Moon premiere will take place during a new moon, and Eclipse will premiere during an eclipse.

She got this from research done by a twitter user.

Go here to read all about it in her article.

New Moon Movie Midnight Showtimes On Sale Now

New Moon movie midnight showtimes are on sale now at Fandango. So far it’s just Carmike Theaters and Regal with tickets available but I’m sure all the other theaters will be soon to follow. If you plan on going to the midnight premiere of New Moon, pre-ordering tickets may be a good idea. The movie is going to be huge. To get your tickets, click here.

“New Moon” Midnight Showing tickets for sale already in some places

Screen Rant has an article talking about Carmike Cinemas now selling tickets to the midnight showing of New Moon.

Here is what the article said:

Alright all you Twilighters out there, for those of you who are already preparing your trip to the movie theater to see The Twilight Saga: New Moon this November, you can now do so safe in the knowledge that you’re guaranteed a seat. Tickets for the midnight screenings of New Moon have now gone on sale more than two and half months in advance.

Carmike Cinemas are offering tickets for midnight showings of New Moon on November 19th, at 63 of their 247 theaters.

In the article they have a list of cities and theaters where you can buy the tickets now.

Go to the article at Screen Rant to see if tickets are available where you live.

Nothing close to me!!

Source: Twilight Lexicon

What’s missing from the New Moon Trailer?

MTV has an article listing the “Top Five Things We Still Need to See From “New Moon.”

Here is what they list:

1. The Cliff Dive
2. Fight Scenes
3. The Vanishing Volturi
4. Quil Be Seeing You
5. It Ain’t Easy Being Human

You can get all the full details at the article at MTV.

Yeah I was happy to see some motorcycles in the second trailer, but I’m dying for some Volturi. I wish they would officially release the Volturi pictures. And I wanna see some cliff diving. And some more wolf action and well I just wanna see the movie! Is it November yet?

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