New Moon Tees, Scarf, and Pillowcase

Hot Topic has once again added more New Moon merchandise for all the Twilight fans. They have new tee shirts, scarf, and a pillowcase.

A tan scoop neck tee with a pic of Jacob on the front and the Twilight New Moon logo on the back.
A black Edward & Bella t-shirt with “It never made sense for you to love me. I always knew that.” and the logo on the back.
A white scoop neck Edward shirt with “What would I do without you?” and the logo on the back.
A gray t-shirt with a giant pic of Edward and a small heart with “Edward” on the back.
A brown shirt with Jacob & Bella with a filigree design and a filigree design on the back.

A tan scarf with the New Moon logo and the Cullen crest.
A pillowcase with the poster art featuring Edward, Jacob & Bella.

Check them all out here.