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Band of Skulls – “Friends” live Music Video – Song from New Moon Soundtrack

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Band of Skulls – “Friends” live

Band of Skulls | MySpace Music Videos

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Hayley Williams Tells MTV Why Paramore Passed On New Moon Soundtrack

You can read the entire article at MTV.

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The video below is more of Hayley at the People’s Choice Awards.

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New Moon Soundtrack included in another best of 2009 list


The Soundtracks Examiner has a list of the best soundtracks of 2009 and New Moon was included in the list.

Below is what they had to say.
See the entire list here.

9. THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON (Alexandre Desplat)

Go ahead, call me a sellout, but Desplat’s motifs on this score will not leave my head. I was actually agonizing over which Desplat release to include on this list (he did seven scores for 2009), and I had narrowed it down to this one and Coco Avant Chanel. And while Coco was ultra-elegant and sophisticated, it ultimately seemed formulaic for Desplat’s ability. New Moon, on the other hand, is what happens when a composer truly immerses himself in his music. Each chord progression is a different emotion, swelling and swooning as it reaches its impending detonation. Whether or not you’ve seen the movie, it is challenging not to be moved by Desplat’s work herein.

New Moon Soundtrack included in The Top Ten Movie Soundtracks of 2009


The New Moon soundtrack was included in’s list of the top ten movie soundtracks of 2009.

Below is what they had to say.
Read the entire list here.

10. The Twilight Saga: New Moon
New Moon makes this list almost purely because of the inclusion of new material from the likes of Grizzly Bear (“Slow Life”), Thom Yorke (“Hearing Damage”), and pairing Bon Iver with St. Vincent (“Roslyn”). Whether it’s the best music for Taylor Lautner to remove his shirt to is probably up for debate.

Alexandra Patsavas talks New Moon Soundtrack


Music Supervisor Alexandra Patsavas talked to Spin Magazine about the New Moon Soundtrack.

Read the entire interview here.

Here is an excerpt:

How you go about something like New Moon, which features original songs from so many artists who don’t often appear in projects this high-profile?
The work starts as soon as the script is finished and distributed. Chris Weitz, the director, had a very specific point of view about how he wanted the music to feel. There’s a lot of separation and longing and loss in the movie; the bands and lyrics and sound and arrangements had to reflect that. Some folks, like Lykke Li, the Killers, Grizzly Bear, OK Go, and Anya Marina all came into the cutting room and sat with Chris to watch the movie and talk about their contributions. Other tracks were submitted with the movie in mind. I think it’s very difficult to succeed without any context.

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Free New Moon Soundtrack Song Remix from Fandango

Fandango has a new promotion where you get a free New Moon soundtrack song remix with purchase of advance tickets to New Moon. You can get the Satellite Heart Air Mail remix by Anya Marina from iTunes. Check out all the details here.


Listen to the entire New Moon Soundtrack now on MySpace


The Official Twilight MySpace page now has up a play list that has all the songs from the New Moon Soundtrack up in their entirety.

Now you can here them all before the soundtrack hits stores Friday.

I really liked the song Friends by Band of Skulls.

MTV talks with Lykke Li

MTV Shows

MTV talked with Lykke Li. She has the song Possibility on the New Moon Soundtrack.

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MTV talks with Ok Go From New Moon Soundtrack

MTV Shows

MTV talked with OK Go. They are featured on the New Moon Soundtrack with the song Shooting The Moon.

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