New Moon Tees, Hoodies and Beanie

More New Moon apparel is available at Hot Topic. You can get a white t-shirt with tan leaves, an image of Edward, and the quote “I honestly have no idea how to live without you” on the back. There’s a black tee of Embry and the quote “Well, the wolf’s out of the bag now.” and a Volturi tee with Caius and the quote “We do not offer second chances.”

For hoodies they have a black Team Edward with “What would I do without you?”, a tan Dreamcatcher with an image of Jacob on the back, a Team Jacob “It’s a wolf thing.” Wolf Pack tattoo, and a Bella & Edward hoodie.

Also available is a Twilight New Moon beanie with the movie logo. Check them all out here.


New Moon Water Bottles and Tees

Cafepress has New Moon water bottles and tees. You can get a Bella & Edward black t-shirt, an Edward Cullen shirt, and a Jacob Black white t-shirt. They also have SIGG water bottles featuring Bella, Edward, Jacob, the New Moon logo, and the movie poster image. Check them out here.

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Edward, Jacob and Wolf Pack New Moon Tees

Another batch of New Moon tee shirts are at Hot Topic. There is a Wolf Pack tee with a huge image of the tattoo, a shirt with stills from New Moon forming a collage, one of Jacob with Bella, and an Edward tee with the quote “The only reason I left was to protect you.” Check them all out here.


New Moon T-Shirts in Plus Sizes at Torrid

Torrid has expanded its selection of plus size New Moon t-shirts. There are shirts for Team Edward and Team Jacob fans. Tees of Bella & Edward, the movie poster, Forks High, and a very cool Jane Volturi 3/4 sleeve shirt. Torrid specializes in sizes from 12 to 26. Check them out here.


New Moon Posters and Tees at Hot Topic

Hot Topic has added more New Moon posters and tee shirts. They have a Jacob Black tattoo poster, one of the Cullens, an Edward trees, and an Edward dreams of Bella posters. For t-shirts there is an Edward shirt with the quote “The only reason I left was to protect you.” and a Jacob tee with the quote “I’m so sorry that I can’t be the right kind of monster for you, Bella.” Check them all out here.


New Moon Apparel at Borders

Borders has added some sweet New Moon apparel. They have a brown “Love Trio” tee featuring Jacob, Bella & Edward, an Edward t-shirt, Jacob t-shirt, a tattoo tee, and a very nice tribal hoodie. Also available online are pajamas, bags, and totes. You can also see the in-store New Moon merchandise they will have. These include bandages, a music box, jewelry, wall scrolls, and more. Check everything out here.


New Moon Apparel at Torrid

Torrid has Twilight New Moon apparel available. They have added Bella’s Green taffeta dress, Bella’s green corduroy jacket, a New Moon poster art tee shirt, and a t-shirt with Bella and Edward and the quote “Why are you so willing to give up your soul?” Torrid features plus sizes ranging from 12 to 26. Check the new items out here.


New Moon Merchandise at Hot Topic

There is a whole bunch of New Moon merchandise at Hot Topic. In clothing, you can find Bella’s birthday dress, Bella’s corduroy jacket, hoodies, and a variety of t-shirts. New Moon jewelry includes necklaces, bracelets, wrist cuffs, pendants, rubber bracelets, key chains, pin sets, and rings. Also available are totes, umbrellas, magnets, lunch boxes and puzzles featuring Edward, Jacob, and the rest of the cast. There is something for every Twilight fan. Check it all out here.