Twilight Saga and Cast included in MTV Movie Awards Nominations

The MTV Movie Awards nominations are in and the cast and New Moon are nominated in the following categories:

Best Kiss:
Kristen and Robert in New Moon
Kristen and Dakota in The Runaways
Taylor and Taylor in Valentine’s Day

Best Female Breakout Star:

Anna Kendrick in Up in the Air

Best Female Performance:

Kristen in New Moon

Best Male Performance:
Robert in New Moon
Taylor in New Moon

Global Superstar:

Best Movie:

New Moon

MTV Movie Awards airs Sunday, June 6 at 9 p.m. ET on MTV!
You can vote here.


New Moon Nominated for Saturn Award

New Moon has been nominated for a Saturn Award and so has Taylor Lautner.
The awards honors the best in Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films and TV.

Below are the categories they were nominated in.

Congrats guys!!!

Best Horror Film

The Box (Warner Bros.)
Drag Me to Hell (Universal)
Frozen (Anchor Bay Films)
The Last House on the Left (Rogue / Universal)
The Twilight Saga: New Moon (Summit Entertainment)
Zombieland (Sony)

Best Performance by a Younger Actor

Taylor Lautner (The Twilight Saga: New Moon) (Summit Entertainment)
Bailee Madison (Brothers) (Lionsgate)
Brooklynn Proulx (The Time Traveler’s Wife) (Warner Bros.)
Max Records (Where the Wild Things Are) (Warner Bros.)
Saoirse Ronan (The Lovely Bones) (Paramount)
Kodi Smit-McPhee (The Road) (The Weinstein Co.)


New Moon included in MTV’s top 9 of 2009 List

MTV Shows

Year-End Movies Poll at Moviefone – Results


Moviefone now has up the results of their year end movie poll.
Below is what Twilight stars and New Moon won.

See the entire list here.

What was the best movie of the year?
‘New Moon’ – 41%

What was the best chick flick?
‘The Twilight Saga: New Moon’ – 52%

Who was the year’s sexiest male star?
Robert Pattinson, ‘New Moon’ – 46%

Who was the best scene stealer?
Anna Kendrick, ‘Up in the Air’ – 30%

Who was the male breakout star of the year?
Taylor Lautner, ‘New Moon’ – 53%

Who was the female breakout star of the year?

Anna Kendrick, ‘Up in the Air’ – 36%

Which 2010 movie are you most excited to see?

‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ – 47%

5 things in New Moon Explained by MTV


MTV has an article talking about 5 differences in the movie New Moon. Chris Weitz and Melissa Rosenberg explain to MTV why the changes. They talk Edward’s car, Grandma, Victoria, Taylor and the last scene.

Read all about it here.
There are spoilers!!!!!

Here is an explanation on Edward’s famous car:

If his lousy parking job distracted you, perhaps you didn’t notice that when Edward pulled into Forks High, his famed Volvo was no longer gray, as it was in the novels and the first movie. Hey, Chris Weitz, what gives? “I’ve taken a real spanking for this, a lot of heat,” the director explained. “I’ll tell you exactly why: Volvo wanted to give us a new, different car so I didn’t want to paint it exactly the same silver color, because then [Twilighters] would be saying, ‘Why are they trying to say that it’s the same car; it’s obviously not.’ So, I thought, ‘Well, I’ll choose a new color!’ And I thought I would choose slate black, not a reflective black, because it actually absorbs light and it would reflect the mood and melancholy and depression [of his character]. I know I got it wrong, I apologize for that. But that is my reasoning.”

20 Differences Between New Moon the Movie and the Book


has up an article talking about the 20 main differences between the New Moon movie and book and why they work.

I listed my favorites below.
Read the rest here.

Major Spoilers if you haven’t seen the movie yet and want to be surprised don’t read this!!!!

Click the READ MORE button below to see my favorites, I don’t want to let any secrets out for people who haven’t seen it!!!

Thanks Alice!!!
Read more..

New Site Poll – New Moon, What did you think? (5 Howls, the best, 1 Howl it sucked)!

by on November 20, 2009
in Polls


[poll id=”51″]

Jamey and I are leaving in an hour to go see New Moon. I’ll write my review when we get back. So excited!!!!

What did you guys think?

MTV article on New Moon – Why we are gonna love it!!!


MTV has seen New Moon and assures all of us that we are gonna love it. In the article they list 5 reasons why New Moon delivers.

Read the entire article here.

Here is one of the reasons they list:

The New Characters Rock

Take a good look at any successful movie franchise from “Star Wars” to “Trek” to “Harry Potter,” and you’ll see the emergence of new key supporting characters in the sequels. Well, “New Moon” has plenty of Yoda-like standouts to choose from. The wolf pack start off like real jerks, but they eventually bring a lighthearted, frat-boy-like vibe that helps the film’s tone immensely. The Volturi, meanwhile, completely hijack the final third of the film in the best way possible. As Aro, Michael Sheen gives a Walken-esque performance of over-the-top audacity, while Dakota Fanning is legitimately terrifying in a too-small role. Another inevitable fan fave is Daniel Cudmore’s Felix, who doesn’t get to speak much — but then again, he doesn’t need to.

Jamie Campbell-Bower Interview


FearNet has an interview with Jamie Campbell-Bower. He talks New Moon and Harry Potter. I can’t wait to see him as Grindelwald in Harry Potter. I love those films!!!

Read the entire interview here.

Here is an excerpt:

You play Caius, one of the three powerful vampires who rule the Volturi. But we only get to see you briefly, at the end of New Moon. Is it challenging to infuse your character with all of the back story and motivations that he has when you have limited screen time?

Jamie Campbell-Bower: Well, it wasn’t difficult because there’s so much back story, particularly to the Volturi. We all knew what we were there for, we knew what we were doing. You know, the thing about the Volturi is that they’re introduced in the second film and then come the fourth book, that’s where the meatiness lies. So it’s an introduction, effectively. But I wasn’t disappointed; I knew exactly what I was going to be doing when I got the script. I’m just psyched to be involved in it.

E! talks New Moon

by on November 10, 2009
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