Robert Pattinson Interview


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Robert Pattinson Interview

The Chicago Sun Times has an interview with Robert Pattinson.

Check it all out here.

Here is an excerpt:

By the time you’re reading this article, Robert Pattinson will have wrapped his final scene for “Breaking Dawn: Part 2.”

In a way, he’s breaking up with his ethereal BFF.

“It does feel like a breakup. I do love the guy — and I’m going to miss him,” Pattinson, 24, says during an interview with the Sun-Times on a cool Sunday afternoon from his hotel suite in Santa Monica, Calif. “I prefer to think of ending this franchise like leaving school. It’s the last day of high school.”

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Robert Pattinson Elle Magazine Interview

Elle Magazine has an interview with Robert Pattinson.

Check it all out here.

Here is an excerpt:

ELLE: Any other odd encounters with the media recently?

RP: A bunch of paparazzi were following me, and I thought the best way to deal with it was to stop my car in the middle of the street and say, “I’m not leaving, and I’m not going to speak to you anymore.” They got all pissed off because they can’t just keep taking the same picture. We were in Venice by the boardwalk, and they kept trying to get all these drug dealers to come up to the car. I was just like, Oh my God, this is insane.

Robert Pattinson on MTV’s The Seven

The SevenMTV Shows

The SevenMTV Shows

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Robert Pattinson Galore!!!

Lot’s of Robert stuff for you to enjoy!

Ryan Seacrest posted this on his facebook page! They met up at the ACM Awards!
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You can catch a bunch more videos from MTV Rough Cut with Robert Pattinson at MTV.

Christina sent me this pic from the ACM Awards she found!
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Robert Pattinson Interview

Collider has an interview with Robert Pattinson.

Check it all out here.

Here is an excerpt:

Question: What was the impression you got from reading the book that made you want to do a film adaptation?

ROBERT PATTINSON: I think I’ve just always had a bit of an affinity for that era. I always wanted to do a movie around that time. And, I think it was just very solid, how she (author Sara Gruen) created the world there. I just wanted to be a part of it.

How did you approach becoming a person from another time?

PATTINSON: There was a comprehensive creation of the world. I’ve never worked on anything so detailed. There was an embankment with a train track on the top. All the trailers were on one side, and then the circus world was on the other. Once you walked over the tracks, there would be a camera, but that was the only thing from the 21st Century. You could stand on the tracks and look over at everything, and you were in the ‘30s. We were out in the middle of the desert in Fillmore, and there was nothing else around. There was an orchard. We were in the ‘30s. Jack Fisk, the production designer, used authentic pegs and the ropes. Every single thing which built the world was all totally real. And, authentic period underpants do actually help, as well. I actually wore them every single day. Jacqueline West, the costume designer, was unbelievable. Almost everything was real. Every pair of jeans were all from the ‘20s and ‘30s. It was crazy.

Robert Pattinson – WFE Press Conference

You can check out a bunch more pics at Robert Pattinson Life, but I just fell in love with this pic!!!

Robert Pattinson Interview

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Robert Pattinson Italian Vanity Fair Interview

Robert Pattinson News has scans from the magazine and a translation of the interview.

You can read the interview over at Robert Pattinson News.

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Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson has an interview with Empire.

The full interview is in the new issue of Empire, out Thursday.

They have a sneak peek on their website which you can check out here.

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