Taylor and Taylor Valentine’s Day Promo Pics

These are some very cute promotional pics of Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift for the movie Valentine’s Day.
You can check out some more here.

Did any of you check out this movie yet?

I went and saw Percy Jackson instead, I really enjoyed it now I wanna read the books. Going to see The Wolfman Thursday and The Crazies Friday. I’m all excited LOL!!!!

Thanks CiNDiELeE!

Source: Twifans vie Taylor Swift Web

SNL Twilight Parody

Saturday Night Live did a Twilight Spoof starring Taylor Swift as Bella, I mean Stella!! It’s so funny!!!
Thanks Bryn and Selina!!!

Patty sent me the video of Taylor Swift on SNL last night and her opening monologue. She mentions Taylor Lautner and it’s pretty funny. I like Taylor, both of them, LOL!!!
Thanks Patty!!!