Evil Iguana Production meets The Hillywood Show

by on October 14, 2010
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Thanks Angela!

Still from The Hillywood Show Eclipse Parody

Check out the Teaser Trailer for the Parody at The Hillywood Show’s Official Site.

Thanks Ashley!

Charlie and Kiowa Dance

So at the Boston Twilight Convention The Hillywood Show had a little dance Contest and Charlie Bewley and Kiowa Gordon participated. It’s awesome!!! Those Hillywood girls can dance!!!!!

Thanks Ashley!

The Hillywood Show Going to Forks

Below is the Press Release.
Click the READ MORE button below to read the rest of the press release along with a schedule of events.

Cullen Sighting in Forks?!

Twilight Fandom Entertainers The Hillywood Show Make Special Appearance in Twilight’s hometown of Forks, WA

Who , What, When, Where
In Forks, the setting for Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight saga, fans will soon see Edward and Bella strolling down Forks Avenue hand in hand. The Hillywood Show, the production company that brought fans the Twilight and New Moon parodies with several million views on YouTube, will be making a very special personal appearance on August 6th and 7th in Forks. Their appearance is sponsored by Dazzled by Twilight, the company that provides the ultimate Twilight experience in Forks.

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The Hillywood Show – The Runaways Parody

Another hit from The Hillywood Show.
These girls rock!!!

Thanks Ashley!

The Hillywood Show Eclipse Poster

Learn more about The Hillywood Show here.

Thanks Courtney Cullen/Black and Ashley!

The Hillywood Show does The Runaways

The Hillywood Show is doing a Parody of The Runaways.
It will be premiering this month.

If you have never seen any of their stuff besides the Twilight Parodies you should check out their site. They are pretty awesome girls with some great stuff!!!

Thanks Courtney Cullen/Black!


They have added a still from their Parody.

Clevver TV Video – The Hillywood Show Interview: Twilight Parodies

Clevver TV Video: New Moon Parody Recap: The Hillywood Show

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Sneak Peek at The Hillywood Show New Moon Parody



The Hillywood Show is releasing their New Moon Parody any minute now and sent us this sneak peek pic above which I thinks is awesome!!!

Check out their official site here. These girls are pretty talented.

Below is a sneak peek of the New Moon Parody!!!

In case you missed their Twilight Parody here it is. I love this!!! Every time I hear this song though all I ever think about is this parody now, LOL!!!

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