Twilight Fan Art: Prom


Got some amazing fan art for you today feature that amazing scene between Bella and Edward at the prom in Twilight. The artist is noeling. Don’t you just love it!

Bella and Edward Fan Art

The artist name is *Hanachan732.
Check out their work on Deviant Art

Thanks Kaylee for sending me the link!!!

Twilight Inspired Fan Art

More great artwork by ~Robbuz on Deviant Art.
Lizzy sent this link in to me so thanks you Lizzy!

I just love chibis!!!

Check out more of their work here.

Twilight Fan Art

Twilighters Anonymous found this pic on Deviant Art.
The artist name is *Gummy-Fish.
Check out all his work here.

Ok, you all know I favor the wolves, but his shirt is pretty funny!!!

Twilight Inspired Fan Art

Before I get to the art below a little side note to you guys:

As you may have noticed I have been posting lately later in the day, which will probably be what I will be doing for like the next month. Real life and all getting in the way. If something really important comes up though, say like more exciting Eclipse trailers or stills, I will post as soon as I can. I mean Let’s face it, anything where Taylor is shirtless in it needs to go up immediately right, LOL!!! I will be making some posts later today, lots of cool odds and ends stuff I got to put up too, that folder is overflowing!!!

Ok, back to the art!
Found these on Deviant Art. Amazing Talent! I love them.

I think I spend too much time on that site, lol!! I just love seeing all the amazing artist showcasing their talent though. If you love art you should check out the site.

If you happen upon any great Twilight related art send me the link as I am currently out of fan art to showcase. I have an empty folder! I can’t believe it that hasn’t happened in a while.

The name of the artist below is ~NoName-Face.
Check out all their work here.

Twilight Inspired Fan Art

Alyssa found these on Deviant Art.
The artist name is ~SlashNKirk.
Check out all her work here.
Great stuff and she is only 15!!!

Twilight Fan Art

by on February 27, 2010
in Fan Art

Hey guys!
Sorry I haven’t posted till now in over a day. Our router broke and I had no internet for like 30 hours. I was going through some major withdrawals let me tell you. I am way to attached to my internet connection I believe, LOL!!!!!

So sorry, to make up for it check out some amazing fan art below.

Found these on Deviant Art.
The artist name is =BlueAngel271183.
Check out all her work here.

Twilight Fan Art

by on February 15, 2010
in Fan Art

The artist name is *mochriadhemiach. Check out all their amazing work on their Deviant Art page.
Thanks for finding Katherine!!!

I love the first drawing!!!



Fan-Made Graphics, Banners, and Icons

It has been quite some time since we have uploaded fan-made graphics, but they are finally here. So if you have sent us anything in the past couple months, they should be up on the site. Fans have sent Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse graphics, banners, icons, wallpapers, and drawings. Be sure to check them out.

There are a lot of submissions so we have a lot of people to thank. Thank you Christina, Denise, Sian, Deveny, Angelica, Harleigh, lucero crystal estrella rico, Joy, Kelly, April, liltwilight, Kacci, Carina, Lucia Silva Pineda, Holly, Janet Faust, Emily Brod, Stephani Johnson, hanna, Beatrice, Kristen, Karolina Kvedaraite, olivia tenhunen, linda houng, littlegopher96, Jessica, Lindsey Jordan, Jess W., Gloria Liu, WolfSpiritleader, Lau, Elisha, Amanda, Hanna, Nat, miamouse, Bella90, courtney beatty, babs, Caleigh, Teresa Guazo Covas, and Emily Polzin.

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And for those that included a link, thank you madison, daynadadiva, Taylor, Amy H, Marisa, Natasha, franni, Kristen Brown, Kiki Kuiper, Sabrina Dickens, Sarah (MissSarahGirl), Julia Sorger, Rita Lozano, Melissa, and Leah Snyder.

  • Submission Information:
  • Suggested size for Twilight graphics is a maximum width of 400 pixels.
  • Suggested size for Twilight banners is a maximum width of 450 pixels.
  • Suggested sizes for Twilight wallpapers are 1024×768 or 1600×1200 (pixels).
  • Suggested sizes for Twilight icons & avatars are 100×100 (pixels).
  • Graphics should be in gif, jpg, or png format.
  • Email your creations to
  • Include your name, the graphics and a link to your blog, profile, or web page (optional).
  • Only artwork created by you may be submitted.

How do I send you graphics?
Attach them to an email or upload them to PhotoBucket, ImageShack, or a similar site and include the links to the images in your email.

I don’t have Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, or any other image editing software?
Check out Picnik. It’s an online photo editor.
Try Blingee to make glittery and animated graphics.

Twilight Fan Art

One of our readers, Annmay from the Philippines, sent me a link to her Deviant Art page with these amazing pictures she created. You can check out all her work on her Deviant Art Page.

I love, love, love the first one of Bella and her shield. I just think it’s gorgeous!!!!



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