New Moon Rhyme

by on November 28, 2009
in Poem


Elissa sent me this awesome poem she wrote that is posted on her blog, It tells the story of Twilight all in rhyme. I posted it earlier, but in case you missed it you can read it here.

Well now she has done the same thing for New Moon on her blog.

It’s pretty long so I just put the first part here to give you a taste. Click the READ MORE button below to read it all.

I think it’s pretty Sweet!!!

Warning: There are a couple of curse words in it, but only a couple!

Thanks for sharing Elissa!!!

New Moon Rhyming: The Saga Continues

What happens when forever ends too soon?
The angst continues and it’s called New Moon.

The second book of the saga by Stephenie Meyer,
Brings werewolves into the mix with humans and vampires.

But before this recap gets into all the sad and sullen
Let’s scream or smile at the mere mention of Edward Cullen!!!!!

Bella and Eddie were still going steady a few months after Twilight,
Crazy in love and all of that stuff – but she still couldn’t get him to bite

She wants to be transformed but he’s repeatedly told her,
He’s not making her a vampire – she’ll just keep getting older
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