Breaking Dawn Vampire Bella Tonner Doll

Thanks Serrah!

Tonner has a new Twilight doll and this one is pretty sweet!
It’s a Vampire Bella doll from Breaking Dawn!

Some details on the doll from Tonner:

– Dressed Tonner Character Figure™
– Face includes hand-painted details
– Fine quality vinyl and hard plastic
– Kristen Stewart head sculpt
– 16″ Tyler bending wrist body
– Cameo skin tone
– Golden brown painted eyes
– Brown with chestnut highlighted rooted saran hair
– Black t-shirt
– Black faux leather jacket with antiqued gold and black buttons
– Stretch denim pants
– Black leg warmers
– Black faux leather boots
– Silver ring and gold painted ring
– Natural pantyhose
– Stand

It does come with a steep price though, $200!
You can reserve yours now at Tonner.