Wyck Godfrey Interview With MTV

Wyck Godfrey talks Taylor Lautner with MTV.

Spoilers from Breaking Dawn Producer Wyck Godfrey

In an interview with USA Today Breaking Dawn Producer Wyck Godfrey answers some questions we all have been asking about the movie (Including the one I asked in a post earlier today about where the movie would be split!!!)

Check out the interview at USA Today.

Here is an excerpt:

WARNING SPOILER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Q: Where does the story split in half?

A: “We basically want to take the audience through the emotional part of Bella’s journey as she becomes a vampire. The first part will cover the wedding, the honeymoon and the birth.” The film ends just before she embarks on her supernatural transformation.

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Bill Condon and Wyck Godfrey Press Conference in Rio

Twilight Lexicon has translated some highlights from the conference.
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Producer Wyck Godfrey talks Breaking Dawn with Collider

TWILIGHT Producer Wyck Godfrey TWILIGHT: ECLIPSE, BREAKING DAWNThe funniest videos clips are here

Cast Interviews with Movie Online

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Interview with Twilight Produce Wyck Godfrey

Time has an interview with Wyck Godfrey.

Check it all out here.

Here is an excerpt:

This is the third movie in the franchise, and it’s sort of the middle. How do you keep the momentum going?
You pray. I think switching up directors is a way to keep it visually exciting. And we are doing it from books, so it narratively flows and you are not scrambling. You have a story that was intended to be told.

But prayer helps?
Prayer helps. Just ask my mom.

Wyck Godfrey Interview

IESB has an interview with Wyck Godfrey.

Check it all out here.

Here is an excerpt:

IESB: Since Eclipse specifically has been talked about the favorite book of the series for a lot of people and people thought it would make the best film, do you think that this installment will live up to those expectations?

Wyck: I do think that, so far, the word we’ve gotten is that it lives up to and exceeds people’s expectations. I think it’s easy because you have Team Edward and Team Jacob getting equal play. The hard thing about New Moon, for instance, was that, for the people that loved Jacob, they loved the movie, but Edward’s not in it much. Here’s a movie now where Edward is back in the picture, and it’s all about Bella and her choice between the two of them, and the conflict that arises out of that. It’s just got more drama than the other two books. There’s just more going on between her emotional state, but also the physical state and what’s happening with the Newborns. You feel like, all of a sudden, in this movie, all of the external dangers of the world are descending on Forks, and it’s on. Given that it has more genre elements than New Moon and Twilight, I feel like guys will embrace it more than the earlier two films. But, the thing that’s most exciting to me is that I think it’s the most emotionally potent of the three, so we haven’t betrayed our core audience, who really are going for the romance because it’s heartbreaking. That’s really exciting.

Making Of Video Interview

David Slade, Wyck Godfrey and Melissa Rosenberg talk favorite Eclipse Scene


Wyck Godfrey Interview

Eclipse Producer Wyck Godfrey talks Breaking Dawn and more with FearNet.

Check it all out here.

Here is an excerpt:

Along those lines, what makes Bill Condon right for Breaking Dawn?

The themes and the story of Breaking Dawn are very mature; Bella and Edward are going through very adult things, from marriage to childbirth, motherhood, parenthood, and the evolution of their relationship into something that is a partnership, which is not the way Edward has viewed this relationship with her before. Bill’s a very mature filmmaker; he’s dealt with very difficult themes and stories in his career. He’s also gotten Academy Award nominations for actors in the last three films that he’s done. And from a performance standpoint, Kristen’s going to be diving into stuff that she hasn’t been through. It’s one thing that she can remember first love and falling in love and being torn between two guys, probably, but the idea of dealing with some of these issues and having a filmmaker that can really help them as actors was vital to Breaking Dawn. Also, the visual nature of Dreamgirls made us feel like he could create something with a real scope and grandeur to it.

Producer Wyck Godfrey talks Breaking Dawn


Producer Wyck Godfrey talks Breaking Dawn with The LA Times.

You don’t want to miss a thing.
Read it all here.

Eclipse isn’t even here yet and I am dying for Breaking Dawn!!!

Here is an excerpt:

Wyck Godfrey, the producer of all the films in the “Twilight” saga, admits that the creative team still doesn’t know how they’ll handle the character in the “Breaking Dawn” movie, but said that the plan is absolutely for the production to go forward — as either one or two installments — with an eye toward beginning to shoot in Vancouver this fall. All three stars are signed for “Breaking Dawn,” he said, meaning that Stewart and Pattinson will be dealing with the joys and woes of interspecies parenting and newly minted heartthrob Taylor Lautner will return as often-shirtless shape-shifter Jacob Black.

At the moment, screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, who’s penned all the “Twilight” movies, is working on the “Breaking Dawn” script(s). “It’s a work in process,” Godfrey said in an interview Friday. “The issue [of whether there will be one or two movies] is not going to be resolved until we get the full treatment and see whether it’s organic. If it’s not organic, I don’t think it will be done, and if it is, it will be. It really has to do with how much level of detail from the books there is, with all of these new vampires that appear in ‘Breaking Dawn,’ the whole section about Jacob… It’s a very long single movie if it does become a single movie.”

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