Pics of Xavier Samuel at Eclipse Press Conference

He is just so cute!!!


IESB: Eclipse Press Conference

IESB has transcripts up for the Eclipse Press Conference.

Click the links below to check them out.

Dakota Fanning, Bryce Dallas Howard & Xavier Samuel

The Wolf Pack Talks Twilight Saga: Eclipse

The Cullen Family Talks Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Bryce Dallas Howard, Xavier Samuel and Dakota Fanning Interview with Access Hollywood

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Interviews with cast at MTV Movie Awards

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Chat with Kiowa Gordon.

Watch the 2010 MTV Movie Awards at!

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Xavier included in Summer’s Leading Men

Xavier Samuel is included in Interview Magazine’s Summer’s Leading Men List.
Below is the little blurp they had written.
And they also included this hot pic!!!

Get used to this face, because it’s about to be everywhere: As Riley, the leader of an army of newborn vampires in Eclipse, Samuel is the newest addition to the world’s most popular clique.

Summer plans:
Filming Anonymous with Vanessa Redgrave and Rhys Ifans; hiding from adolescent girls.

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Xavier Interview with QG

GQ has an interview with Xavier Samuel.

Check out the whole interview here.

See a slideshow of pics from his photoshoot here.

Here is an excerpt:

Were you a fan of the Twilight series? Tell the truth.
I watched the first film on the plane, on the way over to Vancouver. Then I went straight to the bookstore.

Funny. You play Riley, a hungry newborn vampire out on a rampage. Full disclosure: I read the book, and Riley’s only on one page.
Yes, I was flipping through the book, thinking: Where’s Riley? He’s whittled down to one line. But in the film, we venture into the world of Riley and watch him assembling this newborn army. It’s more action-packed. And it gives me something more to do, thankfully.

Pics of Xavier Samuel in GQ

Source: Twifans via Xavier Samuel Daily

Meet Riley

has an article talking all about Riley. They Profile the character.
Check it all out here.

Here is an excerpt:

In the story of “Eclipse,” Victoria’s still bent out of shape over the death of her beau James in “Twilight,” which she blames on Bella. All of her previous attempts to exact revenge upon Edward for killing her mate failed. Not easily deterred, Victoria travels to the Seattle area and creates an army of newborn bloodsuckers, hoping that with their aid she’ll finally be able to defeat the Cullens and kill Bella. One of the first humans Victoria turns into a vampire is Riley Biers (the character didn’t have a last name in the book), described as young, handsome, and (after being turned into a vampire) with bright red eyes.

Woohoo Team Riley!!!!

Gorgeous Photos of Xavier

Well why I was looking at the gorgeous wolfpack graphics on Twilight Fever I found these Gorgeous pics of Xavier Samuel!!!
I love my wolves, but I believe Team Riley is a team I would love to be on too (Xavier is so hot!!!!)

Check out a couple more here.

Source: Twilight Fever via Brandheroin

Xavier Samuel in Teen Vogue

Xavier Samuel is in the June/July issue of Teen Vogue.
He looks great in the photos! Another hot addition to the cast!!!

Check out an interview with him here.

Check out 10 things you need to know about Xavier here.

Win a Trip to the Eclipse Premiere here.

Check out a behind-the-scenes video from his photo shoot below.

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