The New Men of Eclipse

MTV has a new article up talking about the new men who have joined the Eclipse cast. They Talk about Boo Boo Stewart as Seth, Xavier Samuel as Riley and Jack Huston as Royce King.

Read the entire article here.

Here is what they had to say about Xavier:

The Lowdown:
In the wise words of both Bette Midler and Sigmund the Sea Monster, you’ve gotta have friends. Even Victoria the bloodthirsty vampire knows this, which is why she reacts to the bummer news of Cam Gigandet’s James and Edi Gathegi’s Laurent biting the dust by finding herself a new buddy. But instead of hanging out at the mall or going to a JoBros concert together, Bryce Dallas Howard’s Victoria and Xavier Samuel’s Riley will enjoy scheming against werewolves and planning to take down the Cullen clan. Fans can look forward to Samuel — a 25-year-old actor in his first major film — serving as the leader of Victoria’s newborn army, invading Bella’s room and then having a bloody battle with Edward and Seth Clearwater.

MTV previously did an article on the new ladies of Eclipse which I already posted. In case you missed it you can see MTV’s article on the ladies here.

Victoria and Riley on Eclipse Set

Lainey Gossip has pictures of Bryce Dallas Howard and Xavier Samuel on the set of Eclipse.

You can check out all the pictures at Lainey Gossip.

They got Bryce in a wig I see so her hair looks like Rachelle’s. I miss Rachelle. Bryce is a good actress, I liked her in Lady in the Water. I hope she does as well as Rachelle as Victoria. On a side note, Riley is still hot, LOL!!

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