Twilight Eclipse Trailers

Twilight Eclipse trailers, TV spots, and clips featuring Edward, Jacob, Bella, the Wolf Pack, and the Volturi.

Eclipse Trailer 1

Eclipse Trailer 2

Clip – Ravine Chase

Clip – You’ll always be my Bella

Clip – Selfish

Clip – Battle

Clip – Decisions – Volturi

Clip – Charlie and Bella Talk

Clip – Victoria & Riley Make Plans

Clip – Fight Training

Clip – Jacob Brings Bella Back Home

Clip – What did you do to me

Clip – Jacob and Edward arguing over Bella

Clip – Doesn’t he own a shirt

Rosalie and Bella Clip – I Envy You

Clip – Four Days

Clip – The Parking Lot – From MTV Movie Awards

TV Spot – Event

TV Spot 1 – Destiny

TV Spot 2 – He Moves, You Move

Eclipse’ featurette: Introducing Bree Tanner

Riley TV SPot – Missing

State of Terror TV Spot

Protect You TV Spot

Epic TV Spot

TV Spot – Legend

Eclipse Trailer 3

New ‘Eclipse’ Featurette – The Newborn Army – Behind the Scenes Footage

Clip – Blood is thicker than Water