How to Get Out of a Timeshare Deal Legally


If you are dissatisfied with a timeshare, you may wish to exit the contract. However, it isn’t always easy to prove that you have a legal justification for canceling a timeshare. Here’s how to get out of a timeshare deal that you no longer want.

Timeshare contracts can be complicated, and most people don’t read them thoroughly before signing, but this is not a valid reason to cancel. In order to exit a timeshare, you will need to demonstrate that the salesperson who sold you the timeshare was not fully upfront about its details.

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There are several different ways a salesperson can present a timeshare contract dishonestly. They might falsely imply that you own the property outright or neglect to inform you of your right to refuse the sale of your timeshare. They may also fail to disclose that your maintenance fees will increase over time.

Of course, the creators of timeshare contracts plan ahead for these sorts of claims, and all of this information is likely in the fine print. In order to successfully win your case, you will need to work with a reliable lawyer who has experience dealing with timeshare claims. A licensed timeshare attorney is an expert on consumer protection law who can advocate for your right to cancel.


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