Your Handbook For Designing a Wedding


Planning your wedding should be one of the most exciting times of your life. If you are in the process of designing a wedding for yourself or even for a close friend or loved one, there are a few tips to keep in mind. Anytime you are designing a wedding, planning ahead of time will help you to accomplish all of your goals before the big day arrives.

Setting the Mood With Music

Whether you have experience designing a wedding or you’re planning a wedding for the first time, the music of any celebration cannot be underestimated. Setting the mood with music is essential when planning any wedding, regardless of its size and whether it’s intended to be located indoors or outside. Choosing the right music for the ceremony and the reception can truly transform the experience for you and your guests.

One way to set the mood with music at your wedding is to create playlists on your own. Creating individual playlists is possible if you have an extensive collection of music you would like to hear throughout your wedding. You can choose songs on your own or with your spouse-to-be to develop a list that is uniquely your own.

Another option you have when it comes to handling the music at your wedding is to hire a professional. Working with a professional DJ service is a way to ensure your music is handled throughout the ceremony and reception, so you can spend more time focusing on guests and enjoying yourself. DJs are well-versed in many different types of music. If you are thinking of hiring a professional DJ for your wedding day, consider the type of music you’re interested in and whether or not you’re open to allowing the DJ to choose and remix songs as they wish.

Exploring Custom Signage

When it comes to designing a wedding, creating a space that is truly your own will help you make memories that are sure to last a lifetime. One way to create a wedding atmosphere that reflects you, your spouse, and your relationship, is to consider exploring custom signage. Custom signs can be printed online or with a local shop and can help guide wedding guests throughout their evening. You can also opt for custom signs that are lit or made with LED lights to show off your new name or both your name and the name of your new spouse. Custom signs are useful for bringing a theme together if you have a planned look and scheme for your entire wedding ceremony and the actual reception itself.

Blooming Beauty

Whenever you’re in the process of designing a wedding, it’s important not to forget about the flowers and other decor that might be just right for the occasion. Choosing the right flowers for your wedding or for a loved one’s wedding will highly depend on the personal preferences of the individual having the wedding. Roses, tulips, peonies, and even calla lilies are all flowers that are known to be featured during wedding receptions as well as official ceremonies. If you’re unsure of where to begin when it comes to choosing the flowers for a wedding you are designing, consider working with a professional florist by visiting a local flower shop.

Benefits of a Flower Shop

Visiting a flower shop is not just ideal to find readily-made bouquets and flowers that are just right for your wedding. In fact, most flower shops employ florists who specialize in putting floral arrangements together for casual or formal gatherings. Working with a florist is also a way to learn more about specific flowers that you are interested in as well as various bouquets that are ideal for the type of wedding you are planning.

Charming Venues

When it comes to designing a wedding, location matters. Or, as the saying goes, location, location, location. Choosing the right venue for your wedding can make all the difference in how you experience the event and the type of memories you are able to create with the ones you love most. Whether you want to host your wedding outdoors or if you’re searching for intimate wedding venues in your local town or city, there are many different factors to keep in mind throughout the process. Once you begin searching for wedding venues, keep the following in mind:

  • Venue location: Consider the location of the venues you are most interested in for your wedding as well as the number of guests you have invited. Is the location suitable for those on your guest list? If you are planning a destination wedding, keep in mind that not everyone you invite to your wedding may have the ability to attend.
  • Size of wedding: When planning any special event such as a wedding, you should also keep the size of the wedding itself in mind. The number of guests you intend to invite can help you to determine if a venue is spacious enough for everyone to enjoy themselves throughout the evening.
  • Aesthetic and atmosphere: Choosing the right wedding venue is about more than just ensuring you have enough space for your guests. You should also consider the type of theme, atmosphere, and aesthetic you are going for on your special day before settling on any wedding venue, indoors or out.

Finding The Ideal Ring

When you’re in the process of designing a wedding, you can’t forget to choose the ideal ring. Shopping for an engagement ring and the rings you will exchange during your wedding ceremony should be a joyous experience. If you’re unsure of the type of wedding ring that is right for you, spend some time researching band and stone types along with specific colors of stones or designs that you’re interested in. In addition to browsing online for information about wedding and engagement rings, you can also visit a local jewelry store of your choice for help from a professional. A professional jeweler is not only well-versed in stone types, but they can provide you with a specialized service to find engagement and wedding rings that are just right for your big day.

Magnificent Space For Your Day

Anytime you are in the process of designing a wedding, you will need to choose a venue with adequate space for all of your guests, amenities, and even live entertainment you intend to host. When it comes to finding a venue or banquet hall for the reception after your official wedding ceremony, consider the following:

  • Budget: Whenever you are in the market to rent a venue for a reception or a gathering of any kind, it’s important to first calculate the budget you have available. Knowing your budget will help you to save time by eliminating property rentals that are far too expensive or unsuitable for your needs.
  • Guest list: Consider the number of guests you intend to host at your reception. This number may differ from the number of guests you invite to your actual wedding ceremony, depending on the vision you have for the big day.
  • Amenities: When choosing a venue for your reception or ceremony, keep the amenities the location offers in mind. In some halls, you may be permitted to set up your own amenities, such as catering and bartending areas.

Seating For Your Outdoor Space

If you intend to offer outdoor seating for your guests or you want to provide an enjoyable outdoor atmosphere, conducting research prior to choosing your preferred venue is a must. Investing in outdoor seating may be necessary if the venue you choose does not currently offer outdoor seating that is included with the rental of the space. Finding outdoor seating for a wedding is possible by purchasing the chairs yourself, or by seeking a rental company that offers wedding chairs, seating solutions, and other decor for indoor and outdoor weddings alike.

Why Offer Outdoor Seating

Hosting the perfect wedding means providing guests with an amazing experience and atmosphere. If possible, offering outdoor seating will open up even more space for your attendees to enjoy and relax. Outdoor seating areas can make the perfect location for taking a break during an evening of dancing and mingling. Additionally, some outdoor areas are ideal for those who are smokers or prefer to have a drink outside in the fresh air.

The Green Solution

For those who want to host a wedding that is environmentally friendly and more sustainable, consider going green with your decor and the venue you choose to rent. Seek out a venue that is energy efficient or one that promotes natural lighting, heating, and cooling. You can also consider the option of investing in artificial turf flooring if you want to create the appearance of being outdoors on the grass or near the beach, but want to do so in a more environmentally-friendly manner.

Crafting The Perfect Environment

While designing a wedding, you will likely want to create the perfect environment for both you and your guests. Because your wedding day may be one of the biggest days of your life, crafting a desirable atmosphere is imperative to help make memories that are sure to last a lifetime.

Ways to Craft the Perfect Environment

From landscaping to hiring a professional wedding decorator, there are many different ways to go about creating the perfect environment for your wedding day. First, you will need to consider where you are hosting your wedding and whether or not you have complete creative control over the space you intend to use. This will help you to determine any potential restrictions or limitations you might encounter when decorating, installing turf, or hiring service providers. If you own the property you are hosting your wedding on, you will have no problems when it comes to creating the wedding setup of your dreams. If you are renting a venue, however, it’s best to clarify your abilities and potential limitations ahead of time to prevent issues from arising on or after your big day.

Choosing the right color scheme, theme, and decor can make all the difference when it comes to designing a wedding of any size. Once you have a color scheme and theme in mind, you can then begin shopping around for floral bouquets, seating, and even floor coverings or rugs (depending on the location of your wedding). If you are not sure about where to begin and you have never planned a wedding of your own, you can seek inspiration from traditional magazines and even online communities. Joining online communities dedicated to wedding planning is highly recommended if you are working to design your own special day. Online communities provide guides, tutorials, photos, and videos of options to help bring your wedding vision into reality.

Adding Some Color

When decorating for your wedding and reception, consider adding some color to the event. This may be possible if you are hosting your wedding in your own home or backyard or if you have permission to make changes to the location before the event. If you want to make a quick transformation of a location for an event, you can do so by adding some color with a fresh coat of paint. Working with professional local painters is a way to quickly address any painting you require without having to complete the work yourself.

Finding Professional Local Painters

Once you make the decision to hire a local painter, you can do so by asking friends and family members for referrals. Verify testimonials to determine which painters are most qualified while also comparing portfolios of past work and projects that have been completed. When looking for local painters in your community, you can also check with local directories as well as online resources, such as social media and search engines. Compare your options before choosing a painter to hire to ensure the process and the outcome go as smoothly as possible.

When you are designing a wedding, there are many different facets of the event to consider and keep in mind. Even if you are designing a wedding for the very first time, preparing ahead of time will help you to feel much more at ease and comfortable to celebrate once your big day arrives. Planning your wedding event months, if not a year in advance, will alleviate feeling stressed and overwhelmed on the day of your actual celebration.

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