10 Amazing Travel Destinations With Cool Art Shows


To a creative mind, any sights or sounds that evoke a visceral experience can be defined as ‘art.’ With a world full of wonder to choose from, it may be hard to narrow down only a few cities where art shows are ‘the best.’ However, visitors to these ten cities have reported noteworthy artistic experiences, as well as unique features that make them worth visiting:

1. Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Visitors to Boston speak enthusiastically about its significance in U.S., history, but art lovers can also find opportunities for celebration when searching for a cool art show there. One of Boston’s best-known art destinations is its Museum of Fine Arts. A favorite here is ‘Paul Revere,’ by John Singleton Copley. The portrait shows a pensive Revere holding a teapot he made from silver.

A different artistic perspective can be found at Boston’s Umbrella Art Center. The Umbrella is a cultural center hosting performing arts groups and local artists. Of note is the current collection by Margaret Savage: ‘A Celebration of Color.’ Savage has graced The Umbrella with her vivid depictions of American farmlands for 20 years.

While staying in Boston, adventurous visitors can also learn about mussel farming. Mullet farming is the practice of raising mullet in the same body of water as other edible seafood (like shrimp) to increase its volume of production. When visiting a mullet farm, you will see firsthand the fascinating process of raising and processing these fish.

2. New York, New York – U.S.A.

It’s easy to understand why visitors to New York City expect to find a cool art show. Many visiting art lovers flock to familiar artistic meccas like The Metropolitan Museum of Art. However, art lovers seeking a unique exhibition may prefer a trip to the Starret-Lehigh for the exhibition by painter Jean-Michel Basquiat, entitled ‘King Pleasure.’

Basquiat’s 200 works are startling in their gritty realism, and their primitive figures add to the raw humanity of his work. Visitors seeking a more varied experience can visit the Whitney’s current biennial celebration. You’ll find unique artists like Alejandro Morales, whose novelty keychain display images of his hometown in Mexico. One of the most talked-about exhibits is ‘Clockwork,’ by Sable Elyse Smith; a sculpture fashioned from prison furniture that turns like a Ferris Wheel.

It should be no surprise to New York’s visitors that artistic influences are part of every part of its experience. New York’s visitors may want to experience the juxtaposition of art with advertising, at MvVO Art. Here, artists’ works also part of an advertising firm. This show, highlighting the influence of ad artists such as Andy Warhol or James Rosenquist on contemporary art, is well worth seeing.

3. Washington, D.C. – U.S.A.

Visiting Washington, D.C., without dwelling on its political significance, is challenging. Art lovers will be able to see the grand scope of its architecture and appreciate it as an exhibition of its own. Stop and admire the Gallery “Look up: Studies for Ceilings” a display of ceiling art from 1500-1800.

In another part of the National Gallery, you’ll be confronted by an immersive splash of kaleidoscopic color with “Philip Gunton Now.” Those who enjoy analyzing art by its contrasts may enjoy “Artist to Artist” at the Smithsonian Art Museum. Pairs of paintings are shown here: side-by-side comparisons of works done by two artists of the same era.

If you bring your dog with you to the Nation’s Capital, you’ll want to find a dog boarding facility. Visitors to the area recommend Dogtopia, a downtown spot where your dog can stay while you enjoy the town’s many highlights. Your dog will be free to run through their play parks and end their days in clean, safe dog suites.

4. Florence, Italy

Italy has many cities with stunning and visit-worthy cool art shows, and one of its most exciting cities is Florence. Those seeking religious art should visit Michelangelo’s ‘Three Pietà’ at the Museo Opera Del Duomo. Visitors will be awestruck by the Bandini Pietà (a depiction of the Holy Family), the most famous Pietà (Mary, holding the Body of the crucified Jesus), and the Rondini Pietà (a more amorphous sculpture of Mary and Jesus). These sculptures’ different styles and perspectives will give their viewers a unique opportunity to reflect on their significance.

Those who think Michelangelo’s ‘David’ depicts the shepherd King accurately may want to compare it to the ‘David’ sculpted by Olafur Eliasson (currently exhibited by the Palazzo). Eliasson’s sculpture captures David at the age he may have been when he killed Goliath. Lovers of abstract art can visit the Novecento: where they can appreciate Vinizio Berti’s ‘Triptych.’ Berti glamorized Communism in this trio of stark but inspiring paintings.

While in Florence, consider visiting one of its world-class jewelry stores. Those in the know often mention the elaborate opulence of Ponte Vecchio. You’ll find luxurious settings for engagement rings and enviable jewelry for all other occasions. Ponte Vecchio’s style makes a big statement because all the jewelry here is embellished with additional diamonds and gems.

5. Berlin, Germany

Many don’t consider Germany an optimal destination for art. However, they won’t feel that way after visiting some cool art show in Berlin. At the Neue Nationalgalerie (New National Gallery), the extensive collection of contemporary art encourages visitors to appreciate its collection of 20th-century paintings. The museum shows some of the best-known works of Otto Dix, Hannah Hoch, and Paula Modersohn-Becker.

Those who see art in gardens will want to go downstairs for the gallery’s outdoor sculpture garden. Plants provide a lush green background for sculptures. One of the most popular features of this garden is the water art section, especially “Sky Piece,” by David Black. This unique sculpture resembles a telephone pole crowned with a large clear plastic structure on its top.

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6. Amsterdam, Holland

In the middle of Amsterdam’s art and antique district, you’ll find the Janski Gallery. This gallery is home to many contemporary artists. One notably moving portrait is called “Human Visage.” It depicts a beautiful child whose haunting eyes may follow your soul around the rest of the gallery.

Lovers of anime who want an edgier rendition of the genre should see “Pain and Wounds” by Hikari Shimodo. A wide-eyed tot appears simultaneously adorable and imperiled in this picture. The diamonds in the child’s eyes depict a message of heedless riches ignoring the cries of poor children.

After a day exploring Amsterdam, relax with a fresh seafood meal in an upscale restaurant. One of the most popular in Amsterdam is Tol and de Gus. There, fish and other high-quality meals will give a diner pleasure. The site offers an extensive take-out menu or a relaxing dining room where you can relish the taste of their fish or shellfish.

7. Vienna, Austria

Within Vienna, there are many opportunities to see art. If you’re looking for a museum with a cool art show, one that’s often mentioned is the Weltmuseum. One anachronistic treasure there is the Feathered Headdress:an Aztec headdress with stunning teal and emerald-colored feathers, mounted on a wood-thatched brim.

Visitors looking for an immersive experience will combine majestic music with a room full of breathtaking art. At Mozart Mythos, you can participate in a multimedia experience with the combination of performing art, architecture, sculpture, music, and visual art. Those who want to see contemporary artwork will find works by many modern artists at the Leopold Museum. One of its most exciting collections is the startling works of contemporary art by Paul Klee.

While in Vienna, explore some of its trendy thrift shops and discover a vintage treasure. At the pop-up store called ‘Must Have Vienna,’ you’ll be able to buy used clothing from eras dating back to the 1950s. You’ll find outfits you never knew you needed, from business suits to 1970s-inspired Pop Art pantsuits with neon-colored ruffled tank tops.

8. Kyoto, Japan

While in Kyoto, visit the Museum of Kyoto to see works depicting the history of Japan. The exhibition shows how art was instrumental in the nation’s maturation. Pottery lovers should make a point to visit the Gojo-Zaka, the annual pottery festival. If you don’t attend the festival, head to any of the area’s pottery shops. Anyone who wants to experience a traditional Japanese tea ceremony will want to use the pottery from this region.

Experience different a cool art show can visit and at the Kyoto Museum of Arts and Crafts. Those seeking religious artwork can view the gleaming gold Buddhist altars. Their gilded columns embrace you with their serenity. You can also be inspired by traditional Asian storytelling tapestries available in the fabric exhibit.

Kyoto’s culture – including its art and architecture – reminds us how often we can find artistic significance in so many random things. In Kyoto, at Kyoto Sagano Coin, you can discover how coins can be an art form. In addition to artistic designs on the coins, this store holds a biennial art show called Kyozome Kaikan.

9. Seoul, Korea

The streets of Seoul give us a preview of the disparate nature of its art: traditional versus Avant Garde elements of architecture stand side by side. At the Pace Gallery, Robert Nava’s ‘Tornado Rose’ has colors which are both soothing and arousing. At the Ocula, Nigel Cooke’s ‘Gods of Wine and Dust’ projects a surprising splash of red shreds of acrylic yarn over a warm linen background.

Visitors looking for a venue to experience the diversity of art to the Seoul Museum of Art. One of its more notable exhibits is ‘Do Ho Suh & Children: Art Land.’ Walking in the room, you might think a group of toddlers was left alone in the room with Legos, glue, and tree branches. However, a step back shows you a more strategic randomness with complementary colors, and it becomes a triumphant cry for freedom of expression.

When traveling, it’s always a good idea to dine at the local restaurants. Start with a dinner at Onjium – an upscale restaurant where recipes of Korea’s past are modernized and made even more delicious. For seasonal seafood (especially sashimi), try Anju Maeul: its seasonal sashimi sampler is one of its most popular dishes, but others prefer the salted herring roe. Vacationers who just want a snack should visit Gwangjang Market and enjoy the Korean beef tartare or the mung bean pancakes.

10. Paris, France

Paris is another city where architecture is an artistic force to be respected. At the Fine Arts La Biennale (“FAB”) you can enjoy diverse talent and a wealth of creative effort. At the Musee de Orsay, you can often find classic-style portraits right around the corner from “found art” sculptures or contemporary paintings.

Some of the standout works include the bittersweet embrace depicted by the skilled sculpture of Camille Claudel’s Sakountala.” Admire the prescience on the face of Werner Miller, portrayed in his portrait (“Bildnis Werner Miller) by Ferdinand Hodler. Édouard Manet’s “Le Balcon” is a picture of three people sitting on a balcony has a non-traditional grouping. One of the museum’s most famous works is the “Portrait de’ Lartiste” (portrait of the artist) by Vincent van Gogh.

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You probably won’t complete an international art tour. But these “best of” suggestions may inspire you to choose one of these artistic destinations. When you do, let’s hope you’ll find a cool art show which will give your vacation the eternally memorable element it may need. The beauty of art – just like the beauty of life – is in the beholder. So, choose your city – and behold its art.

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