Introduction to Asian Fusions


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During the middle of the 20th Century, America started to explore Asian cuisine, often with fusion dishes that played more to their tastes. This video describes the history of Asian fusions and what they look like today.

NYC, LA, and San Francisco were all hotbeds for Asian restaurants, and many of these offered two distinct menus: one more traditional, and one that catered more towards American tastes.

Nowadays, globalization has revolutionized the culinary industry. There are more high-level chefs than ever before. Ingredients from around the world can be shipped to restaurants in the US, allowing for more diverse and authentic dishes.

A chef in NYC, Fung Tu, explains how Asian fusions first began with Chinese railroad workers adapting dishes to the ingredients and ideas around them. He explains how fusion can mean many different things, and go through negative and positive connotations.

Fung Tu produces dishes that blend culinary aspects from not only Asia and the US, but from many cultures and geographies around the globe. He uses local New York ingredients for many of his dishes.

Chefs and the dining public are much more knowledgeable nowadays, allowing for revolutionary new dishes. To learn more about Asian fusion, click on the link to the video above.

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