Interesting Jewelry Facts


Jewelry is as fascinating as it is valuable. People wear jewelry for special occasions or to demonstrate their wealth and status. For example, women may receive gorgeous anniversary jewelry to mark the special occasion. You may think you know all there is to know about jewelry.

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However, there is a lot more interesting facts to be learned. In this video, you will see jewelry in a different light.

People often think of diamonds as being the most expensive jewelry. Only one of every diamonds are able to be made into quality jewelry after all. However, there is a gem that is worth more than diamonds. Believe it or not, a large emerald can be worth more than a diamond. Emeralds are a great fashion option as they have a crisp green hue. This green hue can go well with many colors. In fact, you could wear a green desk with emerald earings and a necklace to be very fashionable.

Another interesting fact about jewelry is that gold is actually even more rare than you imagined. All of the worlds gold could be condensed into a cube that would fit under the base of the Washington monument. Therefore, many items are simply gold plated or hollow.


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