A Quick Guide to Hotels in Zion National Park


If you’re planning to visit Zion National Park, you’re in for a treat. In this video, viewers are given an idea of some of the hotels Zion National Park is near. The park features breathtaking scenery, including beautiful red rock walls. When you visit there, you can stay at places that range from primitive campgrounds to upscale resorts.

Video Source

From the Canyon to the River

The narrator of the video showed where each of the sites is located. There is a place visitors can stay within Zion Park, but it has no Wi-Fi, and no cellphone coverage. A reservation can be made there up to 13 months in advance. In nearby Springdale, there are three places the narrator recommended: one that has a good view of Zion Canyon, one that’s on the shore of the Virgin River, and a hotel that’s part of a national chain.

Views of Zion’s Red Rocks

That hotel chain is also found in four other area cities. There were several sites mentioned for people who like glamping. Quite a few of the choices feature a view of the rocks in Zion Park. The host also mentioned that prospective visitors should find out how far their hotel is from Zion Park before they make reservations.

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