Thinking of Traveling Abroad? Cigar Factory Tours Can Improve Your Vacation


After you have decided upon a destination for your next trip abroad, it’s important to explore the different opportunities available to you and anyone traveling alongside you. If you plan to go to the Dominican Republic, cigar factory tours are a phenomenal way to get accustomed to the local area and learn more about what makes the island unforgettable. These tours allow people to get a greater understanding of the culture and the lifestyle of the local inhabitants.

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Cigar rolling is a larger part of the culture than many seem to understand. While Cuba is known for cigar rolling, the Dominican Republic produces over three times the cigars that Cuba does every year. They also use Dominican tobacco during the rolling process, resulting in a different flavor cigar. Interestingly, both Cuban and Dominican-style tobacco leaves are grown in the Dominican Republic, so taking a tour can allow you the chance to gain a better understanding of the differences between the two and the impact they have on the rolling process. Moreover, these tours allow people the chance to roll their own cigars using these different and distinct styles of leaves.

If you’d like to learn more about Dominican Republic cigar factory tours, please review the attached video.


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